All the dental technologies you need!

Since technology in the dental field is rapidly evolving, the Summum Dental Laboratory team is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to help you solve your oral problems.

Editing of dental photos

When planning your cosmetic procedure, our team will perform a 2D simulation of the expected outcome for your patient, based on the dental photos you send us. Once the simulation is accepted by your patient, the design of the denture or dental appliance will follow specialized software in order to deliver an optimal result.

3D printing of dental study models

Do you own an intraoral scanner? Our dental laboratory can receive your STL files for 3D printing of your dental study models or for designing any other prosthetic models. We are also able to provide you with study models printed from traditional dental imprints. With shorter turnaround times and accurate precision, rapid prototyping is the solution for you!


In addition to designing restorations using computer-assisted designs (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM), Summum Dental Laboratory also offers dental machining services. Using its own equipment, it ensures a better quality control of its products, besides avoiding the trouble of dealing with distant suppliers. This saves you both time and money.

Chairside design for dental CAD/CAM systems

Your office is equipped with a CAD/CAM dental system and you do not want to waste any more time with in-office design? Summum Dental Laboratory can assist you remotely with its chairside design service. Make an appointment with one of our experts who will connect to your workstation, regardless of the dental CAD/CAM system you use, allowing you to turn your waiting time into time for your patients. We guarantee the design within 30 minutes of connecting with the workstation.


Technical support and planning

Our laboratory has over 120 experienced technicians and assistants to serve your practice. Our ability to diversify into all types of prosthetics provides you with a comprehensive solution, no matter which treatment you offer your patients. Contact one of our service specialists who will be able to relate to your needs and ensure the success of your treatments. Call us at 1 800 5 SUMMUM to get the assistance you need.

Prices & deadlines

Fast turnaround times

We stand out competitively by the quality of the products and services we offer as well as by our operational capacity. Contact us at 1 800 5 SUMMUM to receive additional information on our timelines and prices.