Our expertise allow us to offer you a service that adapts to your orthodontic needs, including retention and expansion appliances, progressive aligners and orthodontic models. You can also customize the aesthetics of dental braces to enhance your children’s participation in their treatment.

Retention appliances

Retainers are used to prevent tooth movement after orthodontic treatment. They can also be used to hold teeth in place in children until adult teeth erupt. Retainers can be removable or fixed.

Summum Dental Laboratory offers several types of retention appliances, such as: Hawley, progressive aligners, Nance space maintainers, fixed lingual wires, unilateral space maintainers and many others.

For more information on orthodontic retainers, contact us at 450 679-5525 or at [email protected].

Expansion appliances

Expanders promote dental movement and correct the width of the arch. Expanders can be either removable or fixed. They can be equipped with multiple accessories, including expansion screws and springs.

Summum Dental Laboratory offers several types of expansion appliances, such as: Schwartz, Split Plate, Nord Cross Bite, split with butterfly screw, Hyrax with bands rings, Chastant and many others.
For more information on expansion appliances used in orthodontics, please contact us at 450 679-5525 ou at [email protected].

Progressive aligners

Summum Dental Laboratory is pleased to be able to offer you high quality progressive aligners for your orthodontic treatments. Made of a transparent, comfortable and very thin material, the progressive aligners are discreet and comfortable.

Orthodontic model

With the arrival of digital impressions, Summum Dental Laboratory has become a leader in 3D printing. You can now send us your digital dental impression to obtain a printed model, whether for orthodontic treatments or simply for case analysis. Our systems are compatible with several models of intraoral scanners.

Have a new orthodontic project for a patient?

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