Summum Dental Laboratory is pleased to offer restorations using fixed and removable implant-supported dentures. No matter the system you use, we have the tools to support your practice.

Zirconium and titanium implant abutments

Summum Dental Laboratory uses cutting-edge technology to meet your needs for implant-supported dentures. Our implant abutments are designed on a titanium base with the help of precise software. We can also control the angulation of zirconium and titanium implant abutments to help you achieve optimal aesthetic results.

Surgical guide for implant placement planning

The exchange of Dicom files allows us to plan your next oral surgery, while establishing a good communication between our experts and you. We can then proceed with the creation of your surgical guide for the dental implant using biocompatible materials. Prototyping is then done as quickly as possible in our facilities.

Titanium implants bars

Summum Dental Laboratory’s specialized implant technicians design your titanium implants bars using a CAD system. Whether it is for three or eight dental implants, our services are at your disposal to make fitting easier. Contact us to learn more about our guarantee on your titanium implants bars.

Cemented and screwed crown on implant

The cemented or screw-retained crown on a zirconium structure stands out for its unparalleled speed of execution compared to traditional crown design methods. The cemented or screw-retained crown allows for an adaptation that facilitates your practice and optimizes your chair time.

With so many dental implant systems on the market, Summum Dental Laboratory offers you all the support you need, regardless of the technique you choose.

All-on-4 technique

When you want to offer your patients a fast and efficient option, Summum Dental Laboratory can assist you with the All-on-4 technique. Contact us to learn more about our specialized mobile denture conversion unit.

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