Summum Dental Laboratory

Summum Dental Laboratory offers you a personalized service to meet your needs and expectations.

You will be supported by cutting-edge technologies, assisted by technical support that understands your reality and you will have access to specialized services adapted to your practice. All of this in a centralized structure that allows us to offer you competitive prices and timelines.


Remaining at the forefront of technological advances is a priority at Summum Dental Laboratory.

Since technology in the dental field is rapidly evolving, our teams are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions for dealing with your cases. We provide several types of services that are perfectly adapted to your needs, such as machining different materials as well as the 3D printing of multiple resins.


Specialized services

We offer a number of specialized services that set us apart from our competitors, including All-on-4TM services, where we provide on-site assistance to meet your needs when converting a prosthesis.


Technical support and planning

Our laboratory has over 120 experienced technicians and assistants to serve your practice. Our ability to diversify into all types of prosthetics provides you with a comprehensive solution, no matter which treatment you offer your patients. Contact one of our service specialists who will be able to relate to your needs and ensure the success of your treatments. Call us at 1 800 5 SUMMUM to get the assistance you need.

Prices & deadlines

Fast turnaround times

We stand out competitively by the quality of the products and services we offer as well as by our operational capacity. Contact us at 1 800 5 SUMMUM to receive additional information on our timelines and prices.