and bridges

At Summum Dental Laboratory, the most recent processes in the fixed dental prosthesis industry are available. Indeed, the ability to integrate different technologies and materials is at the very core of our expertise. We also offer a case planning service prior to designing crowns and bridges, because we believe that good planning is the key to success in treating your patients.

Diagnostic wax-up

Summum Dental Laboratory has extensive expertise in waxing complete restorations. The diagnostic wax-up is the most important tool when planning a restoration using crowns. This step allows you to have a first glimpse of the desired aesthetic outcome, while respecting the functional aspects leading to your client’s future smile.

Dental inlay

Dental inlay is a quick and ceramic restoration that we make available to your practice. We also offer composite materials, if needed. Thanks to our know-how and our CAD/CAM systems for your dental inlay designs, you will always obtain a very precise adaptation and benefit from quick turnaround times.


Dental bridges are made of zirconium, non-precious metal, precious metal and titanium using the CAD/CAM system. Our expertise in zirconium implants allows us to produce monolithic zirconium bridges in any colour, with degrees of characterization that will make you happy.

Emax and Empress crowns

Ceramic restorations are proven to work. The Emax crown provides greater strength and opacity, while the Empress crown offers greater translucency. These two materials also allow for the design of dental veneers and offer you great flexibility in the treatments you choose. Thanks to our perfect mastery of these materials, Summum Dental Laboratory offers you natural and harmonious dental aesthetic effects.

Zirconium dental crown

Zirconium is without a doubt the material that has evolved the most in the last five years for dental crowns. Once known for being too opaque, monolithic zirconium now allows for the use of several techniques that provide more natural translucency and strength for dental crowns. Summum Dental Laboratory has become an expert in the creation of zirconium anterior dental crowns, making custom characterization possible.

Metal-ceramic crown

Metal-ceramic crowns are an excellent choice for patients who grind their teeth (bruxism). This type of material is useful when dental crowns and bridges are used in conjunction with attachments and partial dentures. When designing metal-ceramic crowns, Summum Dental Laboratory also offers you the option of obtaining substructures made of precious metal, non-precious metal or titanium, which have proven to be durable and effective over the years.

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